The importance of a Schedule of Condition/Dilapidations

The importance of a Schedule of Condition/Dilapidations

Thursday 25th July 2019

We recently had a client that called us to assess a Dilapidation invoice for £70,000 plus VAT in the Middlesex area. Unfortunately, none of the lessees in the listed building and also within a conservation area had had a Schedule of Condition or Dilapidations done before they signed their leases. This £70,000 could be just the beginning of what could be a very expensive bill as the area is in a conservation locality and the building is listed.

The roof covering unbeknownst to the lessees was not in very good condition, being very delicate and likely to need lots of reinforcement and upgrading. It's likely that this situation will lead to more cost which could jeopardise their existing businesses within the property.

We carried out a survey on the lessees behalf to try and determine that most of the Dilapidation had occurred before the signing of the leases - though this is still being negotiated with the other surveyor and it will take some time until ll the situation is resolved.

It would be our intention, armed with the survey evidence, to have a meeting with the landlord's surveyor as is required by court protocol, to see if an agreement can be made as to reasonable costs. This situation is ongoing and will take several months to unravel.

The importance of having a Schedule of Condition/Dilapidation done before you enter into a new lease or extended lease or take over someone else's lease cannot be over stressed as the cost of not doing so can put one's business at risk.


This article was written by Carl O'Boyle BSc MRICS FCIOB MFPWS. Carl is a full professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building for which he currently sits on the CIOB professional conduct committee and adjudications panel.

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