Boundary disputes

A boundary dispute occurs when two or more neighbours disagree about the ownership, location, width or maintenance liabilities of a boundary line. These disputes can cause a great deal of tension between neighbours. Boundaries never move but fences often do and this is nearly always the cause of boundary disputes.

How We Help You

Boundary disputes

At Tayross Associates our chief aim is to resolve boundary disputes at base level quickly and diligently to minimise the chances of disputes leading to court action.

As properties pass through years of different owners it's not uncommon for boundaries to alter intentionally and unintentionally. At the outset we always recommend that neighbours try to resolve boundary disputes amongst themselves as it can usually be a case of a misunderstanding.

In the event a dispute cannot be resolved, appoint a surveyor to determine the boundary is the next course of action. At Tayross Associates we will carry out an initial desktop study, looking through various maps, planning records and aerial photographs, followed by a site inspection to carry out measurements before putting our reasoned findings into a report. Depending on the state of the neighbourly relations, this report can be prepared for one party or on behalf of both parties who are in dispute.

If and when both parties in agreement we can then advise on how the boundary can then be registered with the Land Registry and the property deeds updated.

To find out more about our Boundary Dispute service, please download one of our sample reports on the 'Resources' page or contact Carl O'Boyle BSc. FCIOB MRICS MFPWS on 020 8426 1448.