Commercial building services

In addition to carrying out residential detailed structural building surveys at Tayross we also carry out commercial detailed building surveys in the inner London area. Even if not purchasing but intending to carry out extensive remodeling as part of the lease especially for people intending to enter a very long lease, we would highly recommend a detailed building commercial survey.

A commercial detailed building survey is a report which provides a thorough examination of the structure, its overall condition and a visual examination of the services. The surveys are particularly useful in the short-term to negotiate improvements before occupation, or carrying out expensive fit-out works, the purchase price or terms as well as in the long-term identifying future potential maintenance issues and any additional investigations required.

In the first instance, we would discuss with you what your requirements are for the property along with any building remodeling proposals, to ensure that you benefit from the right level of advice.

Commercial Schedule of Condition

If you are considering leasing a property, you may want to consider a Commercial Schedule of Condition as an alternative to a Commercial Detailed Building Survey. Unlike a Commercial Detailed Building Survey, a Commercial Schedule of Condition is a written tabulated schedule that details the condition of a property by element and by area and is accompanied by annotated photographs which draws a line in the sand as to the condition of the property at the time the lease is signed.

It will also consider (LCC) life cycle costing so that you don't end up paying at the end of a very long lease for such items as replacement roofs, claddings, etc.

It will also add any useful comments on issues that should be sorted by the Landlord prior to taking up the lease.

We have had situations where rooms being leased did not comply with workers legislation in terms of ventilation, heating and lighting requirements.

The Commercial Schedule of Condition is very essential when your long lease comes to an end and the Landlord presents you with a Dilapidation schedule for thousands of pounds, for defects that may have been pre-existing, or their deterioration have started long before you commenced the lease. You are normally under the obligation to maintain the building under the lease terms, but if you have no idea what the starting point was for this rather onerous term how can you know what you are committing to.