Schedule of dilapidations

At Tayross Associates we provide Dilapidations services for both Landlords and Tenants. Towards the end of a lease, it's common practice for a Landlord to instruct a surveyor to carry out a Schedule of Dilapidations to check that the Tenant has met their lease obligations in terms of property maintenance. If it's determined that the Tenant hasn't lived up to these obligations, the Tenant can be liable to pay the Landlord's damages equivalent to the repair costs and loss of rent, payment of rates and the Landlord's professional fees.

How We Help You

We offer the following services for both landlords and tenants:

Dilapidations Services for Landlords

Unfortunately, there are times when Tenants do not live up to their obligations and leave your property in a bad state of repair. On instruction our surveyors can carry out a detailed Schedule of Dilapidations to determine which of these maintenance obligations have not been met and the associated cost of putting them right. This report can then be given to your Tenant to ensure that they pay for the remedial works so that you aren't left out of pockIf the Tenant decides to appoint their own surveyor to review this Schedule of Dilapidations we can then continue to represent you to resolve these matters.

Dilapidations Services for Tenants

Prior to signing up to a Lease we always recommend that Tenants carry out a Schedule of Condition, which involves one of our experienced surveyors recording the condition of the property prior to it being occupied. This Schedule of Condition can then be appended to the Lease and reviewed at the tenancy for any changes or unmet lease obligations.

If at the end of the tenancy the Landlord's claim is excessive, we can represent your interests by assessing whether the claim is fair and realistic. Where it isn't, we can negotiate the best deal for you. In one recent example, we were successfully able to reduce a claim from £56,000 to £21,000 which was a massive cost 62.5% cost saving for the Tenant. To find out more about our Dilapidations services, please contact the Tayross Associates office on 0208 426 1448.