Builder Dispute in London - Case Study

Builder Dispute in London - Case Study

Thursday 25th July 2019

builder dispute in london
We were contacted by our clients regarding a dispute they were having with their builder, regarding the workmanship of the works that were carried out and a pricing of the works left unfinished when the builders left site and refused to return. The Builders were claiming that the clients still owed them money for the works they had carried out but the problem was that the clients had been purchasing a lot of the materials themselves and had also been carrying out some of the works themselves.

We were instructed to visit site, look at any and all documents relative to the case, including the signed contract and payment schedule and issue a report that provided clarity, transparency and a fair solution in ascertaining the suggested monies owed to the builder, if any by our clients.

We provided them with a detailed photographic (line in the sand) report with fully annotated photos and an estimate of remedial and uncompleted works with justification. We also produced tables showing what we felt was completed on a percentage basis by the builder and the total amount that is owed towards the original contract.

In doing so, we concluded that the builders claim for outstanding costs was not justified and that there had been an overpayment by our clients. We advised that they seek legal advice and start proceedings, which they had already and our report was to be the foundation of their case.
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