Building Dispute

Building Dispute

Monday 16th November 2020
Joshua Pearce Ba Hons

Tayross is currently working on a building dispute on a 1930's semi-detached, three-bed property in Northwood. The original project included a side two-storey extension, rear single-storey extension, attic conversion and a complete building remodel; the extent of the works needed was no small task.

Tayross were asked to do a building dispute survey as the building works were left uncompleted, just over halfway into the build. It had later been unveiled the homeowners were victims to a scam, the architects were not real and the names given had been fake.

Inspection of the work began in the attic conversion where new joists and roof section were added to create gym space. This space had a few issues, such as the lack of steel beams required to support the new joist installation. Therefore, without adequate support, the new joist will eventually bend and cause deformation to the existing ceiling. In addition, the newly installed electrics did not meet current regulations.

The single-storey rear extension was also a concern. Original drawings were inadequate, dampening the works carried out. The quality of the workmanship was visibly poor and the use of materials was not appropriate. For example, the concrete floor in the extension had been laid incorrectly and with little or no thought for utility placement. As a result, the flooring will need to be completely removed and re-done.

This matter is currently ongoing.

A detailed Tayross report has been completed specifying all the issues with the property. The report may also be used as evidence of a legal document if this dispute is taken to court. In addition, the report can be used as guidance for new builders so an accurate quote can be formed.

The most important use for the report is the clarity and peace of mind it gives to the building owners who are in an unfortunate circumstance. Tayross is currently providing their expert advice and will continue to do so until this matter is resolved.