Interrupting the natural flow of underground streams

Monday 23rd November 2020

Location: Parkside.-Southwest London-basements November 2020.

Issue: interrupting the natural flow of underground streams.

Tayross Associates; chartered building surveyors recently became involved in a party wall dispute between neighbours in Parkside Gardens Southwest London.
The issue at hand was the ground conditions in this part of London which is known for underground aquavits/streams.

The adjoining owner was in dispute over the basement construction proposed next door.

The concern here was that the large basement would redirect streams around the basement causing flooding not just during construction but after the basement was built.

Solution: Part of the solution entailed creating a drain/runaway for the water that was directed under the basement rather than around at this concept meant that Water would not be interrupted and would be able to flow naturally through the site as it did before the basement was constructed. See part drawing below.