Boilers; Megaflow or Combination

Boilers; Megaflow or Combination

Sunday 29th November 2020
Joshua Pearce BA hons

Tayross view properties of all shapes and sizes and all have different futures ahead. Though one commonality is the boiler, the workhorse of any property. Choosing the correct boiler/system is vital, get it wrong, it's a shower that can match your pitiful morning mood, get it right and it's a hot bath to rival any blue-lagoon.

Two choices that you have when it comes to selection is a Megaflow and Combi (short for Combination) boilers, this blog is to better inform of the best option for your property.

What is a Megaflow System?
A Megaflow technically isn't a boiler at all. It is a water tank or cylinder made of stainless steel that heats the water. Water from the mains feeds into the cylinder and is kept at mains pressure. This is why it's called 'unvented'. The result is you get a high-pressure supply of hot water.

The Megaflow heats the water within it. There are two ways it can heat the water:

  • Immersion heater heats the water. This is also called 'Direct' Unvented Megaflow.
  • The heat from your central heating system. This is called an 'Indirect' Unvented Megaflow.

A Megaflow system only heats water and doesn't heat radiators.

With a Megaflow you have a constant store of hot water. Megaflows can be connected to solar panels or the electric supply, which is perfect if there's no gas supply to the property.

What is a Combi Boiler?
A Combi Boiler is also known as a combination boiler. Combi boilers deliver instant hot water on demand without the need for any hot water tank. This means you save on space as there's no need to have a separate hot water cylinder.
The big difference is that Combi boilers also heat your radiators. Since there's no hot water cylinder to keep hot, they are very energy efficient and therefore much cheaper to run.

Unlike Megaflows, a combi boiler doesn't require much water pressure to operate, which is handy in areas of low mains water pressure.

How to choose between Megaflow and Combi?
Large homes that have three or more bathrooms or showers where they are likely to be used at the same time, then you're best getting an unvented hot water storage vessel, such as a Megaflow. That way there be plenty of hot water for multiple baths or showers.
If your home is smaller with just 1 bathroom, then a Combi boiler is the best solution. That being said, if you have no gas supply to the property, then a Megaflow system is the option for you.
The list of Pros and Con's are endless for both, do your research and consider carefully before making that final choice.