Party Wall - Middlesex

Party Wall - Middlesex

Monday 30th November 2020
Abbie Reid MSc BA Hons MFPWS

On this job, the team at Tayross Associate were acting as the Agreed Surveyor for both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner.
The Building Owners' property located in Pinner, Middlesex (HA5) was a newly constructed structure that was attached to the Adjoining Owner's then semi-detached Victorian cottage, the proposed works for this particular project was the addition of a second floor to the existing single-storey building.

The main worry from the Adjoining Owner was that their property was properly protected against
damp and water penetration, this was put forward to the Building Owners who provided a drainage plan which was then included in the award.

At Tayross Associates we have a lot of experience of working on Victorian and Edwardian properties in Middlesex, London and the outer boroughs and we have experience in turning awards around very quickly. The timeline tends to have Party Wall Awards served within two to three weeks after our site visits (this is less if we are acting as the Agreed Surveyor).

If you are a Building Owner or an Adjoining Owner and require a Party Wall Surveyor in Pinner or
the surrounding areas then please call us at our office on 0208 426 1448 for free and impartial