Ravensbury Terrace SW18

Ravensbury Terrace SW18

Monday 26th July 2021

We recently carried out party wall services for a resident living next to a large building site located in SW18.

We were able to advise them that the building works could cause problems to their end of terrace Victorian property because of its location and proximity to the deep excavations.
We were able to explain that they are entitled to security of expenses under section 11 of the party wall etc. act 1996. They are also entitled to the services of an advising engineer to double-check the design and temporary works methodology and sequencing of the construction activities to make sure that the risk of damage to their property is much reduced.

We also discussed that the building owner should install monitoring to the end of terrace property. This monitoring has trigger levels which are coloured green, amber and red. Each of these colours has a different classification and action required and is related to predicted movement. For instance a red reading would mean that activities on site would have to stop until the cause of that movement is identified and whatever procedure being carried out at the time has to be stopped.

At the same time we also carried out a schedule of condition of the property recording existing areas prior to the commencement of work on site.

We were also able to request construction method statements, scaffolding requirements and full mono flex sheeting to prevent dust migration onto the adjoining owners property.
We were also able to discuss working hours for the notifiable works. The adjoining owners also had concerns regarding security and we were able to discuss these and agree suitable measures with the building owners' surveyor.

We are based in Pinner Middlesex but we do a lot of work in London as it is an easy commute for us.
Please feel free to contact Carl O'Boyle at any time to discuss your concerns.