Monday 9th August 2021

We at Tayross Chartered Building and Party wall Surveyors were recently asked to act for an adjoining owner in connection with a large development by Barratt Home's PLC.

The development involved the demolition of an existing Tesco store and deep excavation adjacent to previously used gas works. There were complications as a result of the adjoining owners property that had previously been contaminated by Japanese knot weed.

Carl O'Boyle our senior Party Wall surveyor was able to meet the adjoining owner and go through all the concerns that he had and what he could do to mitigate these.

Carl also met the other Surveyor on the site and discussed the following issues:-

1. The provision of security of expenses should the building works leave the adjoining owners' property in a vulnerable state.

2. The access around the adjoining owners' property during the building works; safe access etc.

3. The services of an advisor and engineer - to ensure that the final design was properly considered and the very deep excavation work had the appropriate provisions in place to safeguard the adjoining owners' property.

4. The installation of monitoring to the adjoining owners property, this will have trigger levels designed to safeguard the adjoining owners' property and be monitored on a weekly basis.

5. Discuss the provision of method statements to cover the deep excavation and main construction activities that are likely to affect the adjoining owners' enjoyment of his property in terms of excessive vibrations, dust and noise.

6. The restricted working hours at weekends for the notifiable works.

7. A schedule of condition.

The adjoining owner was very happy with our services and the way the works and his rights were explained under the Party Wall Act 1996.

Carl O'Boyle is a very experienced Party Wall and Building Surveyor and is always willing to discuss peoples concerns over the phone or by email.

Carl can be contacted at or via mobile on (079) 76820628.