Pine Walk KT24

Pine Walk KT24

Tuesday 31st August 2021

Tayross Surveyors recently conducted a very large survey for a client in Kingston Upon Thames area, (KT24) a town region located in the Surrey county.

Although the house appeared very old, it had in fact been built in the 60s with a replicated concept of an old cottage style of the arts and crafts movement.

What was apparent very early on in the survey, was the surface finishes that had been used internally on the property - from the ceilings and walls (in order to create an old-world style) mainly on the first floor and to a lesser extent on the ground floor. The ground floor materials where most likely ACM (asbestos containing materials), during our visit we were able to take some discrete samples from, under the stairs and behind the radiators (in order to not disturb the finish).

The samples were sent off to a laboratory for testing and we were able to conclude that the samples were positive for Asbestos and as a result the remedial works was quoted at approximately £20,000 - the buyer were not aware of this hidden cost and failure to conduct a survey before purchase could have been costly in the near future.

There were other issues that were observed-but this was one of the main issues which the client highlighted as a relief. The client was very pleased that we dealt with the problem efficiently and quickly with results provided.