Large detached property in Moorpark.

Large detached property in Moorpark.

Friday 24th September 2021

Tayross associates located in Pinner were recently asked to survey a very large property in Moor Park.

We are chartered building surveyors with experience of construction and surveying. In this particular case; the property being a seven bedroom, two gymnasiums, double garage family home with a large swimming pool et cetera.

The biggest issue with this property was the render which was cracked all over. Every elevation had a multitude of cracks around windows and doors et cetera - a buyer was very concerned that this may be subsidence.

I assessed the property opening by opening, taking levels on the horizontal and vertical. Assessing the direction of the cracks and the severity, classifying these with the BRE code of practice.

It occurred to me that the cracking was a result of thermal expansion-this was a property built around 20 years ago. I noted that there was a lack of expansion joints around the external walls.

Expansion joints are required to mitigate cracking as a result of thermal expansion and contraction.

I was able to advise that by installing expansion joints in the outer block work leaf and render and by using a finish that had a good coefficient of expansion that the problem could be drastically reduced as the cracking was detracting from its character.