Specific Site Inspection in W11

Specific Site Inspection in W11

Monday 29th November 2021

Tayross Associates Chartered Building Surveyors were recently asked to carry out an SSI (specific site inspection) for cracked walls and damp issues in a lower ground floor flat in Elgin Terrace.

The back story to this survey was that the person bought the recently refurbished flat with just a Home Buyers Report. This type of report is like buying a car without checking under the bonnet and only checking the exterior of the car.

Soon after moving in; she noticed paintwork peeling away from walls and a very alarming crack in her bedroom bay window, which appeared to be getting larger by the day.

On a recommendation from a close family member the buyer contacted Carl O'Boyle Bsc MRICS FCIOB MFPWS to diagnose the problems and to advise on remediation.

It was evident to him that the flat had been very quickly renovated prior to the sale most likely by a developer; looking to turn a quick profit.

• Common defects associated with this type of situation such as using Carlite (highly absorbent bonding plaster) on external perimeter walls resulted in trapped moisture below painted surfaces.

• Builder works around service protrusions; uncompleted works and weathering details were missing above vulnerable air vents.

• Incompatible materials used around the windows, this caused differential movement which led to very unsightly, progressive cracking and distorted plaster.

The owner was very understandably distressed and upset by her predicament. Tayross quickly provided helpful advice to relieve this stress explaining and diagnosing the causes of the issues and solutions that resulted in minimum disruption to the new owner.

Carl also discovered other defects that were likely to lead to latent defects whilst at the property and these were also dealt with.

Tayross Chartered Building Surveyors were also able to recommend reliable and competent damp proof contractors to carry the works out at competitive rates.

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