Saving the Building Owner costs when acting as the agreed surveyor in SW10.

Saving the Building Owner costs when acting as the agreed surveyor in SW10.

Wednesday 16th February 2022

I recently carried out a party wall services in Finborough Road London SW10.
Which resulted in very significant cost savings for the Building Owner and lots of very helpful advice for the Adjoining Owners.

The works involved the building of an extra storey above an existing flat at second floor level, this involved quite a number of parties. As I sit on the disciplinary panel for the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors in London and also the chartered Institute of building it enables me to promote myself as an independent party wall surveyor capable of administrating the act in an impartial way without conflict of interest.

As a professional with 30 years experience in engineering, construction and party wall procedures I am able to offer a wide range of information to both building owners and adjoining owners on how the process can be beneficial.

In this particular instance out of the nine parties to be notified and party wall awards to be agreed we ended up representing seven of those parties. This drastically reduced the cost to the building owner but at the same time the adjoining owners are not deprived of good advice and protection for their property and themselves under the party wall etcetera act 1996.

If you email I can happily send you a copy of my profile directly.

We are an out of city surveying company that charges out of city fees, avoiding those high costs of inner city surveyors therefore, giving you a city service for a reasonable rate.