Mastering Contract Administration: A Tale of Success by Tayross Associates

Mastering Contract Administration: A Tale of Success by Tayross Associates

Friday 8th September 2023

Tayross Chartered Building Surveyors, recently provided a Contractor Administrator role on a £300,000.00 contract for the replacement of roofs, upgrading insulation and masonry repairs located in Heronsgate. The building was occupied whilst works had to be carried out.
The project involved an extensive pitched roof with a mixture of flat roofs. We initially carried out a report on the roofs to identify whether it was salvageable or not and what extent needed to be replaced.

Following the issue of the report it was decided that the main pitched roofs needed to be replaced. At the same time, we incorporated new rigid and vented insulation into the roof to increase the EPC rating of the property.

We were involved in firstly carrying out a detailed survey of the building and roofs. Following on from this, we developed, with an architectural technician, the revised details for the roofs. These where then all incorporated into tender documents, which then went out to tender on. A contractor was selected, and a program and contract agreed, and we were able to get the work started relatively quickly in order to meet the client's requirements.

Subsequently we discovered once the main roof had been stripped that there was an issue with one of the flat crown roofs. We were able to incorporate the replacement of this roof within the scope of works without delaying the completion of the works.

We held weekly meetings to discuss issues such as design, programming, safety, and material selection et cetera and any extras and variations were discussed and agreed.

The project was completed within a timescale to suit the client. Variations and extras were managed and identified as the project progressed rather than being left to the end which enabled the client to budget for the works.

If you have a large project that needs to be managed, coordinated, and administered on site, please contact Mike Freeley or Carl O'Boyle senior surveyors at Tayross.

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