*High-End Refurbishments: Tayross Associates' Expertise in Protecting High-End Properties*

High-End Refurbishments: Tayross Associates' Expertise in Protecting High-End Properties

Thursday 12th October 2023

Tayross Associates, a renowned chartered building surveyor based in Pinner, Middlesex, with easy access into London; we provide party wall expertise and other surveying services at reasonable very competitive costs in the heart of inner London. With a recent involvement in a prestigious refurbishment project in Belgravia, our expertise in handling high-value properties has been demonstrated. Useful advice and experience relayed to the Building Owners agents helped to put measures in place to protect the high end finishes of the neighbouring properties during the refurbishment.

Preserving Precious Elements:
Within the walls of this remarkable larger than normal Belgravia property, Tayross Associates encountered a unique challenge. The walls were adorned with gold leaf, while a magnificent chandelier worth tens of thousands of pounds graced the ceiling. Amidst the refurbishment, it was crucial to handle these delicate and expensive features with utmost care.

Identifying Red Zones:
Understanding the importance of safeguarding the valuable finishes, Tayross Associates diligently identified the "red zones" within the building. These areas required special attention from the builders to prevent any inadvertent damage to the expensive finishes on the opposite side of the walls. By creating an awareness of these sensitive zones, Tayross Associates ensured that the builder proceeded with caution, minimising the risk of costly mishaps.

Mitigating Risks of Damage:
The Belgravia property, like many others in the area, had numerous flying leaseholds and adjoining properties. This posed an increased risk of damage occurring during the refurbishment, both to adjacent properties and those situated below or above. Some neighbouring properties had recently undergone extensive extremely high grade renovations. Hence, it was of paramount importance that the builder remained acutely aware of what lay beyond the walls or beneath their feet.

The Power of 3-D CAD Surveys:
To establish a comprehensive understanding of the proposed refurbishment's impact on adjacent properties, the client initiated an internal and external 3-D CAD survey of the property. This advanced surveying technique proved invaluable in identifying the red zones, ensuring the builder had accurate information about potential risks. By leveraging technology, Tayross Associates empowered the builder with a heightened awareness of the surroundings, mitigating the risk of damage and safeguarding the neighbouring properties.

Safeguarding Investments:
The potential damage to properties of this calibre can easily amount to tens of thousands of pounds, making it a top priority for any building owner to avoid. Tayross Associates recognised the significance of preserving these investments and undertook the responsibility of protecting the precious finishes and neighbouring properties during the refurbishment project in Belgravia. Through their meticulous approach and emphasis on communication, they ensured that every step of the refurbishment was carried out with precision and care.

Tayross Associates' involvement in the prestigious Belgravia refurbishment project highlights their commitment to excellence in protecting high-end properties. By identifying red zones, and fostering a sense of caution, we successfully mitigated the risks and preserved the lavish finishes. With our expertise, building owners can rest assured that their investments are in safe hands, and the grandeur of their properties will be enhanced through thoughtful and careful refurbishments.

Here at Tayross, Carl is a Chartered Senior Surveyor with experience in Planning, Building, Building Surveying, Contract Administration, Project Management, Neighbour Disputes and Party Wall related matters. He is happy help with any questions you may have regarding the above.

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