*When should a terminal schedule of dilapidations/condition survey be carried out by a tenant on a typical London property?*

When should a terminal schedule of dilapidations/condition survey be carried out by a tenant on a typical London property?

Monday 22nd January 2024

At Tayross Associates, a leading building surveying consultancy in London Pinner, we have extensive experience in handling dilapidation reports for both tenants and landlords. In a typical London property, various items can often be disputed under a schedule of dilapidations. Understanding these common disputes is crucial for both parties involved.

1. Repair and maintenance obligations: One common area of dispute is the extent of repair and maintenance responsibilities of the tenant. This includes issues related to the condition of walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, and fixtures. Our team of expert surveyors can assess the condition of these elements and provide detailed reports.

2. Decoration and redecoration: Disagreements may arise regarding the tenant's obligations to repaint or redecorate the property. This can include disputes over the choice of colors, quality of workmanship, or the need for extensive redecoration. Our consultancy can provide guidance on meeting these obligations effectively.

3. Flooring and carpets: Disputes often occur over the condition of carpets, floor coverings, or any damage caused by the tenant, such as stains or excessive wear and tear. Our experienced team can evaluate the condition of flooring and provide accurate assessments.

4. Fixtures and fittings: Disagreements can arise when it comes to the removal of fixtures and fittings installed by the tenant. This is especially true if these installations were not agreed upon in the lease or if damage occurs during removal. Our surveyors can help resolve such disputes through their expertise and knowledge of lease terms.

5. Compliance with statutory requirements: One crucial area of dispute is compliance with statutory requirements. Failure to comply with fire safety regulations, electrical safety standards, or accessibility requirements can lead to disputes. At Tayross Associates, we ensure that our clients are well-informed about these requirements and can provide necessary advice.

6. Alterations and improvements: Disagreements may occur if tenants make alterations or improvements without the landlord's consent or in violation of lease terms. Our consultancy can assist in resolving such disputes by evaluating the quality of workmanship and ensuring compliance with lease agreements.

7. External areas and landscaping: Disputes can arise regarding the condition and maintenance of external areas, such as gardens, driveways, fences, or parking spaces. This includes issues related to landscaping, repairs, or the removal of tenant-installed structures. Our team can provide expert advice on these matters to help resolve disputes effectively.

8. Compliance with health and safety regulations: Failure to comply with health and safety regulations can lead to disagreements. This includes inadequate fire safety measures, maintenance of emergency exits, or proper ventilation systems. Our consultancy can help ensure compliance with these regulations to prevent disputes.

It's important to note that the specific items disputed under a schedule of dilapidations can vary depending on the individual property, lease terms, and the condition of the premises. Resolving disputes often involves negotiation and potentially seeking professional advice from surveyors or solicitors experienced in dilapidations matters.

At Tayross Associates, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for dilapidation disputes. Our experienced team of surveyors and consultants can guide you through the process, helping you achieve a fair resolution. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and benefit from our expertise in building surveying and dilapidation matters.


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