*Ensure Building Safety Compliance with Tayross Associates*

Ensure Building Safety Compliance with Tayross Associates

Wednesday 5th June 2024

In today's stringent regulatory environment, ensuring building safety compliance is more critical than ever. Tayross Associates, led by seasoned professional Card Boyle, stands out as your go-to solution for all building safety report needs. With over 30 years of experience in building-related surveys and as a qualified EWS inspector, Card Boyle provides a service that is not only competitive but also exceptionally efficient, ensuring compliance with the 2022 Building Safety Act.

Why Choose Tayross Associates?
Whether you are a property owner, developer, or building manager, maintaining the safety and compliance of your building is paramount. Tayross Associates offers comprehensive building safety reports, meticulously crafted to meet all necessary regulatory requirements. Here's why Tayross Associates is your ideal partner:

Unmatched Expertise: With decades of experience, Card Boyle brings a deep understanding of building safety regulations, ensuring that every report is thorough and accurate.

Qualified EWS Inspector: As a qualified External Wall System (EWS) inspector, Card Boyle can provide specialised assessments that are crucial for high-rise buildings and those with specific cladding concerns.

Tailored Services: We offer services customised to your specific needs, whether it's for a single property or a large portfolio, ensuring you receive relevant and actionable insights.

Efficiency and Quick Turnaround: Our streamlined processes ensure you receive your building safety reports promptly, helping you make informed decisions without delay.

Peace of Mind: With Tayross Associates, you can be confident that your property complies with all current safety regulations, protecting both your investment and its occupants.

Our Commitment to Safety
At Tayross Associates, we understand that building safety is not just a regulatory requirement but a fundamental aspect of responsible property management. Our building safety reports are designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your property's compliance status, highlighting any potential issues and recommending actionable steps to address them.

Partner with Tayross Associates Today
Don't compromise on safety. Choose Tayross Associates for reliable, detailed, and efficient building safety reports. With our expert guidance, you can ensure that your property not only meets but exceeds the safety standards required by the 2022 Building Safety Act.
Contact Tayross Associates today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving full compliance and safeguarding your property.

Here at Tayross Associates, Carl and Mike are both Chartered Surveyors with experience in Dilapidations, Planning Matters, Building Surveying, Building Consultancy, Contract Administration, Project Management, Boundary Disputes and Party Wall related matters. They are happy help with any questions you may have regarding the above.
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