Comprehensive Dilapidations Schedule for One of the Largest Martial Arts Gyms in the Country carried out by Tayross Building Surveyors using Drone Technology

Comprehensive Dilapidations Schedule for One of the Largest Martial Arts Gyms in the Country carried out by Tayross Building Surveyors using Drone Technology

Friday 5th July 2024

At Tayross Associates, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of building surveying services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Recently, we were tasked with conducting a dilapidations schedule for a prominent landlord. This particular project involved one of the biggest Martial Arts gyms in the country, located in a spacious warehouse over 1000 Sq. Metres. Below, we share insights into this project and how Tayross Associates can assist with similar services.

Understanding Dilapidations Schedules

What is a Dilapidations Schedule?
A dilapidations schedule is a detailed report prepared by a building surveyor that outlines the condition of a property and identifies any breaches of lease covenants by the tenant. This report is crucial for landlords and tenants alike, ensuring that any necessary repairs or maintenance issues are documented and addressed.

Importance for Landlords and Tenants

For landlords, a dilapidations schedule protects their investment by ensuring the property is returned in good condition at the end of a lease. For tenants, it provides clear guidelines on their responsibilities and helps avoid disputes.

The Project: Surveying a Large Martial Arts Gym

Initial Assessment
The Martial Arts gym, housed in a vast warehouse, required a thorough initial assessment to understand the extent of wear and tear. Given the high-traffic nature of the gym and the intensive use of the facilities, it was essential to meticulously document every aspect of the property's condition.

The Dilapidations Report

Detailed Documentation
The dilapidations report we prepared included a comprehensive list of all the issues identified, complete with photographs and detailed descriptions. This allowed the landlord to have a clear understanding of the current state of the property.

Recommendations for Repairs
Our team provided recommendations for the necessary repairs, prioritising them based on urgency and importance. This helped the landlord plan the remediation work effectively and efficiently.

How Tayross Associates Can Help
Expert Building Surveying Services
At Tayross Associates, we offer expert building surveying services that include dilapidations schedules, building inspections, and maintenance planning. Our team of experienced surveyors is equipped to handle projects of all sizes, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments.

Tailored Solutions
We understand that each property and client has unique needs. That's why we tailor our services to provide solutions that best fit your specific requirements, whether you're a landlord looking to protect your investment or a tenant needing clear guidance on lease obligations.

Our recent project with the large Martial Arts gym highlights the importance of a comprehensive dilapidations schedule. At Tayross Associates, we are committed to delivering high-quality surveying services that help maintain and enhance the value of your property. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your building surveying needs.