Alric Avenue, New Malden, KT3

Property Type

Detached House

Work Type

Party Wall


Work Type: Single Storey Rear Extension & Double Storey Extension

We were appointed by the Building Owner to notify both Adjoining Owners of the proposed extension works which also involved roof alteration works where the Building Owner's roof was connected to the Adjoining Owner's roof.

Following a meeting with both neighbouring Adjoining Owners to discuss the nature of the proposed works, both parties appointed us as the Agreed Surveyor.

The Adjoining Owners' properties were detached houses based in New Malden which is a suburb in south-west London, in the boroughs of Kingston and Merton.

Following our request of additional information from the architect and structural engineers, our Party Wall Surveyors prepared Party Wall Awards for both Adjoining Owners in a timely manner, allowing the Building Owner to proceed with his works and neighbourly relations maintained.

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