Rydal Crescent, Greenford, UB6

Property Type

Mid-terraced house

Work Type

Party Wall


Property Type: Mid-terraced house
Work Type: Single Storey Rear Extension

On this project Tayross Associates acted as the Agreed Party Wall Surveyor for one neighbour.

As the Building Owners and Adjoining Owners had a good relationship, following a meeting at the Adjoining Owners' property to discuss the notifiable works and to address their concerns, we were subsequently appointed as the Agreed Party Wall Surveyor.

The Adjoining Owners' property was a mid-terraced 1930's house based in Greenford, moments away from the iconic Hoover Building in Perivale, Greenford.

The Building Owners' proposed works included; a full width single storey rear extension.

Our Party Wall Surveyors prepared a Party Wall Award for the Adjoining Owners very quickly, allowing the Building Owners to proceed with their works.